Church Responds to COVID-19 Developments

Through an action of care and love from our leadership, the doors of the church were closed for a season.  It was an act of care rooted in the two greatest commandments:  Love God & Love Neighbor as Yourself


This love still guides us in our plans to reopen the doors for in-person worship.  Our current plan is to open on May 31st, 2020--Pentecost Sunday!  Click Here for a way to prepare yourself for worship.  If you plan on attending in person worship, please Click Here to let us know if we should prepare a place for you!


If you choose to remain home, we will still be providing worship aids in print and video form, as well as remain connected in all the ways we have been during the shutting of our doors. 

Our Elders are monitoring the situation weekly, and all plans are subject to change with wise discernment and loving caution for our community and the world. 

We Welcome All to the Lord's Table
As Christ has Welcomed Us

First Christian Church is a Christian community sojourning together to:

            *           Welcome with love all people

            *           Bring healing and hope to the Wheeling area

            *           Live out compassion and justice in God's world

We accomplish our mission through prayer, worship, Bible reading, service and giving.

As God works through the talents and resources we generously offer, we see a future for our church and our community where:


            *           Children will be nurtured and have more opportunities to succeed;

            *           Older adults will enjoy enhanced quality of life, connected with and serving


            *           Those at all stages of their journey will find a spiritual home at First Christian

                         Church; and;

            *           The community of Wheeling will become exemplary, demonstrating what can

                         happen when churches and community groups work together for the well-being

                         of all God's people.

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)


1343 National Road

Wheeling, WV

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