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We're so glad you've come to visit us! 


Welcome is a part of who we are.  Hospitality is key to Christian Living.  As we say, "We are Disciples of Christ...we welcome all to the Lord's Table, just as Christ has welcomed us."  You are welcome to browse this site.  You are welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or to just to get to know a little more about us. You're welcome to check out our video worship aids on our Facebook and YouTube pages (links below). You're welcome to join us for worship in person at 10:45 a.m. on Sundays. 

You're welcome to deepen your journey with Jesus.  We welcome you to do so with us. 

We Welcome All to the Lord's Table
As Christ has Welcomed Us
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First Christian Church is a Christian community sojourning together to:

            *           Welcome with love all people

            *           Bring healing and hope to the Wheeling area

            *           Live out compassion and justice in God's world

We accomplish our mission through prayer, worship, Bible reading, service and giving.

As God works through the talents and resources we generously offer, we see a future for our church and our community where:


            *           Children will be nurtured and have more opportunities to succeed;

            *           Older adults will enjoy enhanced quality of life, connected with and serving


            *           Those at all stages of their journey will find a spiritual home at First Christian

                         Church; and;

            *           The community of Wheeling will become exemplary, demonstrating what can

                         happen when churches and community groups work together for the well-being

                         of all God's people.

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