First Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ)

Wheeling, WV

Annual Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser


WE call them helping pumpkins, because these pumpkins are special.  These pumpkins have a purpose!  Not only will they grace your life by their quality and their    beauty, but the proceeds from your      purchase of these pumpkins will go to help our neighbors here in the upper ohio valley.

100% of the proceeds of your sale and donations will be evenly distributed to 3 local charities:

Faith in Action Caregivers, Inc., Wheeling Health Right,  and the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, Inc.

These Helping Pumpkins are special!  With each one they’re helping an older adult live independently.  With each one they’re helping provide health care     services.  With each one they’re helping to feed the hungry in our community.

Thank you, again, for buying some of these special “Helping Pumpkins”!