First Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ)

Wheeling, WV

We have always been a mission-driven church.  Throughout our history, and even to the present day, we believe that the good news should be proclaimed in both word and deed.  If God is forever changing the world, then the church ought to be participating in that change! 

We have an outreach budget of 22 1/2 % of our total offerings, and we are disciplined in that giving.  Just like families tithe a portion (a tithe is traditionally 10%) of its income to give to the church--this church gives 22 1/2 % of what it receives dedicated to work outside our walls for people other than ourselves.  Even before we pay the electric bill, we give our portion to missions!  It is a discipline that has brought us much joy as the giver, and God has used these gifts for Kingdom work throughout the world!  In 2016, we had given over $49,000.00 to mission!

But our mission work doesn't stop there!  With our Pumpkin Patch fundraiser, last year we were able to donate $800 each to three different local charities throughout Wheeling.  Every month we have a crew serving meals at The Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, and stuffing bags of food at the House of the Carpenter.  We've taken up offerings to serve disaster relief in Southern West Virginia; special offerings for disaster relief and sustainable development all around the globe; special offerings to support our church's efforts to be an Anti-Racist/Pro-Reconciling Church; our building space is used to host AA groups twice a week, National Youth Advocacy Program monthly, and Compulsive Eaters Anonymous twice a week.  The ways we live and give and serve abound! 

Our church family is committed to living the faith in their lives at home, school, work, and beyond.  In grand gestures and small acts, God uses us to bear good news to the world.  To paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi, we go and preach the gospel...using words only when necessary.

We are among the top 100 givers to Disciples Mission Fund among Disciples Churches around the United States and Canada

Disciples Mission Fund reaches across the whole world...