First Christian Church  (Disciples of Christ)

Wheeling, WV

Core Values

Unconditional Love - Our Values exist under the umbrella value of unconditional love; the love that we receive from God, and as stewards are called to sow that love in the world.

Family -  We value all family units.  We seek to support, encourage, and celebrate all families.  We are all created and adopted by God as part of Gods family.

Compassion -  We define compassion as the call not only to sympathize with the suffering of others, but to reach out in an attempt to alleviate it.  Compassion is a core value in how we treat those within and outside of the church.  Compassion is simply, "love in action."

Diversity - Part of our Disciples ethos is to respect and expect a diversity of opinion and belief.  We are also called to embrace, in the bonds of peace and unity, others who are different from ourselves.

Justice - Though Micah 6:8 we are called to do justice in Gods world.  We seek to help do Justice in our community and beyond through prophetic advocacy and by being an anti-racist/pro-reconciling church. 

Responsibility - Christ calls us to be responsible for own faith journey as well as walking with others.  We do this by living out the Six Marks of Discipleship: Pray daily, Worship Weekly, Study the Scriptures, Serve at and beyond the congregation, be in Relationship to encourage spiritual growth in others, and to Give of our time, talent and resources.

Committed Lay Leadership - As we live out the Six Marks of Discipleship, we realize that we are all called to ministry through our baptism and commit ourselves as God has given us talent to lead in our joint ministry.

Deepening Spirituality - Under-girding our values is the value of a deepening relationship with God through Christ and the Holy Spirit.  We live into that call of deepening through Discipleship.

Vision Statement


As God works through the talents and resources we generously offer, we see a future for our church and our community where:


            *           Children will be nurtured and have more opportunities to succeed;

            *           Older adults will enjoy enhanced quality of life, connected with 

                              and serving others;

            *           Those at all stages of their journey will find a spiritual home at       

                               First Christian Church; and;

            *           The community of Wheeling will become exemplary,                      

                              demonstrating what can happen when churches and community

                              groups work together for the well-being of all God's people.